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click here for a close upIf it is WILDLIFE you seek, come with us to a small remote park in Nepal named Bardia. Like a trip from 100 years ago, expect friendly people, camp dogs, local villagers and lots of wildlife. Kruger, Denali, Ngorongoro and Yellowstone, whether an old Africa hand or veteran of the Americas you will be amazed ( as I was) by the wildlife here. There are tiger, leopard, wild elephant, rhino, crocodile (two types), deer (four types), Nilgai, Blackbuck antelope, dolphin, wild pig, monkeys (many types) and over 350 types of bird. Last year we saw a rare white, Spotted Deer and a Scarlet Minivet! Have you ever ridden and elephant through the jungle? Ever read Kipling? Ever stared in amazement at a yellow, Horned Spider? While watching for rhino I had a butterfly land on my nose! Our lodge is set in a Tharu village. For more information on the Tharu read the September, 2000 issue of National Geographic Magazine. The requirement is on patient wildlife viewing and is suitable for the whole family. Come, let Mohan, Santa and Raju create an experience that will be the envy of all those "back home."


Day one; Arrive Katmandu and transfer to the Everest Hotel. We all get together in the evening for dinner and cultural song and dance.

Day two; We spend the Day touring the Katmandu valley visiting Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, a Hindu temple and my favorite, Syanboudhanath, "the Monkey Temple".

Day three; We depart Katmandu and fly to Nepalganj. The flight is short, but the mountain scenery is spectacular, Manaslu, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri should be visible for most of the flight. Once clearing the airport we take a jeep deep into Royal Bardia National Park. We have never failed to see mugger crocodiles on the way in.

Day four; Up early for breakfast and then a two hour elephant ride into the jungle in search of tiger, rhino and wild elephant. The number of rhino in the park has been steadily rising and so has the number of sightings. These are amazing, ancient looking animals. After lunch we will go on a jeep tour to see the many species of deer and monkey.

Day five; We take the jeeps into different parts of the park looking for wild elephants and nilgai. It is also possible to go looking for blackbuck. We cover a lot of ground and see a lot of wildlife on this Day.

Day six; We spend this Day rafting a gentle stretch of the Karnali river looking for more crocodiles and rhinos. Good chance of seeing the rare garhial crocodile on this day. Very tranquil Day drifting past jungle and then farms where the men bring their elephants down to the river for a bath.

Day seven; We go on foot in the morning to look for birds and spiders. Later we hike along the river and spend time viewing from blinds and getting a closer, slower look at the riverine environment.

Day eight; We hop back in the jeep after a fond fair well and return to the airport at Nepalganj. The short flight sees us back to Katmandu and the Everest Hotel.

Day nine; In the morning we visit the carved village of Baktapur, a village little changed from the 16th century. In the afternoon there will be plenty of time for shopping and perhaps a meditation class if you so desire. In the evening we will have a farewell celebration and find the time has gone all too quickly.

Day ten; Transfer to the airport in Katmandu and you are homeward bound.


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