When I was a boy there was this movie with Kirk Douglas, I think it was called "The Vikings" Ever since I have wanted to sail the North Seas in search of adventure. A VOYAGE UNDER THE MIDNIGHT SUN is the chance for such an adventure. We begin in Oslo. Sailing on our private ship to an island far to the north. Once there we will explore this remote Artic island and climb the active volcano at the north end of the island. Indeed, Beerenberg is the most northern of this planets active volcanoes. The volcano is heavily guarded by glaciers and the summit will be only for those who are committed. Imagine a chance to sail with a crew descended from Vikings. A chance to climb a remote unknown volcano. Set this image under the midnight sun and this will be quite the adventure. We will try and time our ascent for June 21st , the longest day of the year, but what will it matter as the sun never sets in this Arctic clime. The return sail to Oslo should be as interesting as the departure. If we find ourselves ahead of schedule we will sail up the fiords of Norway before returning to Oslo. Sailing. Climbing. Exotic location. Are you coming? Group size is limited.


Day one; Arrive Oslo, transfer to hotel.

Day two; Sightseeing and last minute gear checks.

Day three through eight; sailing in northern waters and hopefully calm seas.

Day nine through thirteen; we will brush up on mountaineering technique and explore before making our summit attempt.

Day fourteen through nineteen; Bound for home. Do we have enough Dramamine?

Day twenty; A day sightseeing and shopping in Oslo and surrounding area with our Norwegian hosts. Victory celebration in the evening after dinner.

Day twenty-one; Transfer to airport and begin journey hom

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