1. All Nepal
  2. All Women's Climb
  3. Asian Wildlife Safari
  4. Colca Rafting
  5. Everest Trek
  6. Four Miles High and Descending
  7. Fly Fishing the Frontier
  8. K2 Trek
  9. Ladakhi Quest
  10. Lewis & Clark Adventure
  11. Nepal River Rafting
  12. Patagonia Explorer
  13. Peru Explorer
  14. Tibet Climb
  15. Tibet Explorer
  16. Voyage to the Midnight Sun
  17. Rafting Nepal

ALL NEPAL. This fast paced trip will give an exciting two-week view of an amazing country. Sightseeing, trekking, rafting and elephant riding are just part of this wonderful journey.


For the adventurous woman, an ALL WOMEN'S CLIMB of Imja Tse in Nepal will fulfill your needs for physical adventure. Even the porters on this trip are women. This encourages a unique cultural exchange. Previous experience with mountaineering gear and high altitudes is recommended. The week, long hike to base camp takes you along the classic trekking route to Everest. You begin the walk in a village named Phaplu and the last village is Dingboche. Those wishing to trek to Imja Tse base camp are encouraged to join! The summit of this technically not difficult peak is surrounded by Himalayan giants, including Everest!


If it is WILDLIFE you seek, come with us to a small remote park in Nepal named Bardia. Like a trip from 100 years ago, expect friendly people, camp dogs, local villagers and lots of wildlife. Live in a Tharu village. For more information on the Tharu read the September, 2000 issue of National Geographic Magazine. The requirement is on patient wildlife viewing and is suitable for the whole family.


DOWN THE COLCA, is a rafting outing through one of the deepest river canyons in the world. Days are filled with whitewater excitement and nights are spent listening to indigenous music and discussing the history and mystery of Peru and South America. This trip is for those with previous rafting experience or the athletic beginner.


EVEREST TREK There has never been a better time to join us for an Everest Trek. The United Nations has declared this the year of the mountains and Everest certainly is the highest! This year also marks the beginning of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Norgay/Hillary climb of Everest. As I said there has never been a better time to be a part of history.


FOUR MILES HIGH AND DESCENDING is the name of this adventure. We climb to the summit of a mountain over 21,000 feet in elevation and descend. All snow riders are welcome. For the fit and skilled only! The mountain will determine our success, but success has been high. Could be joined with the Colca rafting trip for an "ultimate" adventure.


FLY FISHING THE FRONTIER I have fished all my life. I lie in Montana. I have seen some darn big trout. And the thing that rose from the depths of that Andean lake could have eaten all of them! I actually blinked several times and even looked away once and then back again. The large fish circled, became bored and left. My heart was racing. Could that really be a trout? It was the size of a steelhead! I talked to everybody for several days and found out that fish had been stocked by the government in 1970.


The K2 BASE CAMP TREK ranks as one of the finest treks in the world. Certainly a trekker could find more difficult terrain to challenge the heart but now finer to inspire the soul. The scenery varies from the green fields of Askole to the granite and glaciers of Condordia. This is high adventure far from the crowds. The vertical granite along the Baltoro Glacier and the play of the light create a photographers paradise. There will be opportunities to learn the local language and interact with their culture and ritual.


Join us for a cross cultural LADAKHI QUEST. Journey to "Little Tibet" set deep in the Indian Himalayas on the western edge of the Tibetan plateau. Ladakh is one of the highest driest inhabited places on earth. This is an extremely harsh environment, yet for centuries it was home to a rich and self-sustaining culture. "Life was very simple, but people always had enough, and more than anything they were happy," says Tashi Rabgyas, Ladakh's leading poet, scholar and philosopher.


Hard to believe that two hundred years ago LEWIS & CLARK traveled through what is now Montana and recorded their epic adventure. It is still possible to travel this same area and capture many of the same emotions that the explorers felt. Montana is still a land of deep forests, rushing rivers and soaring mountains. This land is rich in history.


ALL NEPAL. This fast paced trip will give an exciting two-week view of an amazing country. Sightseeing, trekking, rafting and elephant riding are just part of this wonderful journey. If you have always wanted to go, but felt you have not had the time keep in mind that this trip only takes two weeks from your front door. In that two weeks your small group (ten or less) will flight see Everest and the Khumbu, tour the major temples and sights of Kathmandu with a University scholar, then raft the Kali Ghandaki, trek in the Annapurnas, visit Royal Chitwan National Park, practice meditation and take in some shopping.


What is it like at the uttermost end of the earth? If you have been pondering this question then our PATAGONIA EXPLORER is the trip for you. We travel by private vehicle and stay in hotels. Our days are filled with vivid image after vivid image, Just the names say so much. Tierra del Fuego. Magellan. Beagle channel. Fitzroy. Guanacos. Condors. Flamingos. Granite towers. Glaciers. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! This is big country and the open steppes remind me of my home in Montana only this is at the uttermost end of the earth. Join us for your chance to immerse yourself in the language, culture and landscape of Patagonia.


Machu Pichu. Andean peaks. Deserts. Raging rivers. Lima. Cusco. Arequipa. Mummies. Llamas. Mysteries. PERU EXPLORER All these things add up. I have been traveling South America for over twenty years and have put together an opportunity for an amazing soft adventure to Peru. There is so much here. So much culture. So much conflict. So much mystery.


Have you read a lot about mountaineering and the Himalayas? Maybe climbed in Mexico or Ecuador. Alps? Cascades? Ever dreamt of going on a classic high altitude climb? How are your basic mountaineering skills? If you would like a shot at a 7000m peak next to the north face of Everest then our TIBETAN CLIMB is for you. This summer come with us to the remote Tibetan Plateau. Walk in the footsteps of Mallory, Irving, Shipton and Tillman. If you are fit, committed and lucky you have an excellent opportunity to stand on a summit 23,108 feet above sea level.


Our TIBET EXPLORER must be considered on of the worlds great journeys. From the pace, culture and sightseeing of Lhasa to the arid open lands of the Tibetan Plateau this tour will not disappoint. The scenery alone is worth the trip, sand dunes, windswept plains and glacier clad mountains are just some of the sights. The wind becomes the familiar sound. We will see nomadic herders and their yak hair yurts, camp under starry skies and visit monasteries. There will many opportunities for short afternoon hikes and photography as the pace is relaxed. After all, we are indeed in the rarified air of the high Tibetan Plateau.


When I was a boy there was this movie with Kirk Douglas, I think it was called "The Vikings" Ever since I have wanted to sail the North Seas in search of adventure. A VOYAGE UNDER THE MIDNIGHT SUN is the chance for such an adventure. We begin in Oslo. Sailing on our private ship to an island far to the north. Once there we will explore this remote Artic island and climb the active volcano at the north end of the island. Indeed, Beerenberg is the most northern of this planets active volcanoes. The volcano is heavily guarded by glaciers and the summit will be only for those who are committed. Imagine a chance to sail with a crew descended from Vikings. A chance to climb a remote unknown volcano. Set this image under the midnight sun and this will be quite the adventure.


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