RIVER RAFTING IN NEPAL is one of the great life experiences. The rivers there offer great diversity of culture, climate and scenery. Some of the rivers descent through mountain gorges and some through low elevation flood plain (watch for crocodiles!). Each is an extraordinary adventure in its own. These trips are a nice addition to an adventure to Nepal or India or are an exciting adventure destination of their own. Reservations can be made in advance or when you are in Katmandu or Delhi. Pick an easy river or a real roller coaster but pick one. If you wait another year before going you will surely be older when you do go!


The Rivers


Trishuli River - the Trishuli is easily accessible from Katmandu or Pokhara and is one of the few rivers in Nepal which can be descended year round. The Trishuli can be run in one day or up to three depending on your time constraints. Rafting on the Trishuli is an excellent opportunity to observe the diversity of demography, landscapes, and cultural heritage and the flora and fauna. Scenic valleys and impressive gorges, exhilarating rapids and easier sections as well as the right amount of time all make it the perfect trip for first time or experienced rafters. Prices from $20.00 dollars per person per day year round.

Kali Gandaki River, three days rafting-a deservedly popular river trip combining exhilarating white water with fine scenery. One of the famous names of Himalayan Rivers. The Kali Gandaki raises in Mustang , an enclave of Nepal on the Tibetan Plateau, and flows through the worlds deepest river gorge. Nice drops, sparkling chutes and turbulent rapids provide class III to IV+ runs during the spring and fall seasons. Prices from $90.00 per person.

Seti River, 2 days trip-beautiful mountain views while passing through two beautiful and contrasting scenic areas of the Manaslu and Annapurna regions. The Seti has a relatively low volume but the water is blue and incredibly warm making it a popular choice for winter trips. The luxuriant vegetation visible along the river is a remnant of the forested area which once covered the middle hills of Nepal. Saranghat is a colorful middle hill village where we will camp on a spacious bench below the village. Prices from $65.00 per person with autumn and spring departures.

Bhote Koshi, 2 days trip-this river is known as the River from Tibet and your trip starts near the frontier with Tibet. The river descends quickly ,is very steep and basically nonstop. The Bhote Kosi is probably the most exciting short rafting trip in Nepal and will get you into an adrenaline overload! You will have an opportunity to observe emerald green fields terraced high above the river on precipitous slopes and curious villagers lining suspension bridges while you plunge through cascading waves and chutes. Keep in mind those opportunities for observation will be both blurred and damp. This river gets down the hill! Prices from $80.00 per person on this class IV-V river with departures October through December and beginning again February through April.

Sun Kosi, 9 days trip-wow, big waves, warm water, beautiful scenery and great camping make this a classic multi day river trip. Come in contact with Nepal's natural beauty, people, culture, wildlife and its rivers, its simply magic, an experience you will be glad you took. En route you will come across many ethnic groups, each unique and colorful, Rais, Limbus and Newar are seen in this area. Along the river are 250 different species of orchids to look for and almost 400 species of birds. Last year we saw an almost dizzying variety of river chats, dippers, flycatchers, wall creepers, bulbuls, fork tails and hummingbirds. This is an outstanding trip on a very famous river. Prices from $260.00 per person with the river running class V September to December and class IV February to May.

Marshyangdi, 5 days trip-locally the Marshyangdi is described as the raging river in Nepal and is one of the best whitewater runs in the world. This class IV+ river offers continuous, exhilarating whitewater. Recommended for expert kayakers and rafters. If it's adventure you seek, you'll find it on this trip with one day of easy trekking and five days of intense rafting. Only recently opened for commercial rafting, the Marshyangdi is one of the next generations of rivers in Nepal, steeper and with a much more continuous stretch of rapids. Prices from $300.00 per person. The river is run September through December and again February to May. If you love thrills this one will leave you played out!

Arun, group expedition-minimum of six people and keep in mind the river runs to V-! The easiest way to approach this river is by plane to Tumlingtar and then a trek to the put in point at Kartikeghat. The trip begins with a 3 day trek through remote villages in Eastern Nepal, an area few outsiders ever see, and camping out in lush forests with views of the snowcapped Himalayan peaks. On the river the powerful current drives your raft or kayak through 6 days great whitewater action and you have to face more challenges each day as the number of rapids comes one after another in relentless succession. At night you relax on fantastic beaches in dramatic valleys. In my opinion the combination of trekking, spectacular scenery, great rapids and remote location make the Arun the most complete river trip in Nepal, and maybe in the world! Prices from $350.00 per person with possible team departures October through December and again February to May. Grab your friends and plan this trip.

Tamur, 10 days trip-this is a brand new river for us and we are just beginning to appreciate this magnificent river. The Tamur drains the snowfields on Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. The Tamur was only run for the first time in 1990 and there have been few descents since! The river trip descends 120 km through more than 100 rapids most of which are still waiting to be named. The rapids range in class from III to V-. From Basantapur we trek for 5 days through the remote Taplejung region of Eastern Nepal to Dobhan. We camp on remote river beaches and visit local villages. The Tamur is best tackled between October and November and February through May. Are you truly an explorer? Query for pricing.

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