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Machu Pichu. Andean peaks. Deserts. Raging rivers. Lima. Cusco. Arequipa. Mummies. Llamas. Mysteries. PERU EXPLORER All these things add up. I have been traveling South America for over twenty years and have put together an opportunity for an amazing soft adventure to Peru. There is so much here. So much culture. So much conflict. So much mystery. This journey takes you from the carnival atmosphere of Cusco, to the ruins of Machu Pichu, on to the desert south and the source of the Amazon and back to the crushing populace of historical Lima. There is so much to take in here that it can become baffling. Everyone has a contrasting view and historical perspective. This trip has it all. Not only will we visit the name places which are on everyone's list, but we will also get off the tourist trail and meet local people, live with them and get to know the Peru of long ago and today. Be prepared to hear about new ideas based on recent archeological finds. Who really found Machu Pichu? Was it ever lost? Is Plato's ancient Atlantis to be found in South America? Why are there carved statues resembling the peoples of Africa and Asia found in Peru? How did they get there? When did they get there? Did an archeologist really find and date a city, a city of over 100,000, at 4700B.C.? Is there really a tribe in the Amazon whose DNA is unlike that of any other peoples in the entire world!? Can we fit this all in two weeks?!!


Day one: Arrive Lima and transfer to our hotel. After a short rest (most flights are overnight flights) we go directly to the National Museum of History. This is where the entire trip begins and from which the questions will never end. The rest of the day we see the sights of downtown Lima.

Day two: Fly to Cusco and spend the day sightseeing and shopping. There are so many markets and such little time.

Day three: We tour to the ruins near Cusco including my favorite, Sacsayhuaman. Ever time I stand in this megalithic ruin I think to myself "what were these guys thinking?" We will walk on and discuss the Inca trail and it's significance.

Day four:Machu Pichu.

Day five:Flight to Arequipa, the White City and tour the Santa Catalina Convent

Day six: We travel by private vehicle to the village of Chivay on the banks of the Rio Colca. Along the way we will see many vicunas. Last year I counted 214 for our group. These Andean camelids are not that much different from our antelope here in Montana, this makes me an experienced spotter. At a pass on the road to Chivay we stop and discuss a mountain filling the horizon. From those snows rises the mighty Amazon! At our lodge we have the opportunity to soak off the road dust in the hot springs and after dinner we are entertained by a traditional pena.

Day seven: We rise before dawn and soon find ourselves above the great gorge of the Rio Colca. Drifting on the morning thermals come Andean Condors! You will not believe how big they are! Return to Arequipa.

Day eight through eleven:We spend these wonderful days exploring the unspoiled area of the Majes Valley. There are ruins from ancient cultures and the Spanish. We tour ancient Spanish vineyards and have the distilling of Pisco (the national liqueur) explained to us with ample opportunity to sample same. We also go on short hikes and raft an inspiring stretch of the Majes. We see another local pena dance and can go for a horseback ride.

Day twelve:Back to Arequipa and a dinner featuring a traditional beef asado and a wonderful local red wine.

Day thirteen: Leaving Arequipa we return to Lima and spend the afternoon in the upscale district of Miaflores.

Day fourteen: Transfer to the airport and begin the journey home.

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