click on the image to see a larger pictureI have been rafting, trekking, climbing and skiing the globe for over twenty years. That time has taken me thru the Andes, Asia and into the heart of Alaska. This is what I do and this is what I love. I am passionately committed to a high level of customer service and to treading lightly on this one Earth. I too like to learn and grow. I have been learning to surf and have an idea for a wild adventure; it would combine diving, sailing, surfing and a cultural exchange. Haven't found the spot yet. Stay tuned!

click on John to see a close upI am committed to traveling with minimum impact, hence the small personal groups. If you would like a catalog, then please print this web site using recyclable paper. For more information or a contract please contact us at We also can send you a very detailed equipment list and help in obtaining those items you need. Each trip has different equipment requirements. There is an open registration time from December to March and then again in July and August. We are a small business and can offer great flexibility with your itinerary. When inquiring on pricing let us know if you want to include transportation from your front door in the price quote. Otherwise I will quote the price of the trip alone. There is no additional fee for those traveling solo. Large companies do this and we do not. Also, there are no additional hidden costs. These trips are all inclusive except for alcohol and personal effects.

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