Hello. Welcome to Num Bum Adventures!

We represent the organized traveler. Dostoevsky wrote, "There are times in life, you can count them in minutes, when you experience an awareness far greater than you usually find in a whole year." If you seek physical, spiritual or natural adventure we have something for any person or group. If you prefer to travel with a small, friendly company, choose us. If having the most for your hard earned money is important, choose us. If you like making new friends and laughing with them, choose us. All but one of our trips can be completed in a two-week period. One of us is with you at all times. We sort out the problems, and stand in the lines while you relax and enjoy!

There are big changes coming, in the interim, you can still contact me at jadedragonpublishing at gmail.com. Thanks, John


                               Time to do some fishing!